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Welcome to Turku & Archipelago!

Find out what fascinating possibilities Turku Archipelago can offer you

We are delighted to invite you to embark on a journey of discovery through one of the Finland’s most enchanting destinations, Turku archipelago, with its thousands of islands and unique blend of nature, culture and history, promises a memorable and immercise experience like no other.

Steamship cruises Turku–Naantali–Turku

Enjoy the smooth ride on an old steamship and the view over the world´s most beautiful archipelago.

Experience the gentle waves and the shimmering sea of Airisto. Departing from Turku at the river Aurajoki or from Naantali, the steamship sails past the old villas by the sea in the island of Ruissalo and takes you through the Airisto sea. This summer: Children (0-12 years) free of charge! 

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Moominworld ticket for one day

Moominworld is open all summer, every day! Moominworld is an ode to fairy tales and a tribute to Tove Jansson’s imagination. This children’s culture classic operates in Naantali where the Archipelago Sea and Naantali’s Old Town with its wooden houses meet. Children under 2 years for free. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

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Kakola’s Big Feast tasting menu

Kakola’s Big Feast is a tasting menu that our kitchen crew has designed from the best ingredients of the season.

Kakola’s Big Feast is a tasting menu that our kitchen crew has designed from the best ingredients of the season. It includes five flows: cold starters with sides and sourdough bread from our local bakery, warm starters,  two main dishes with sides, pre-dessert or freshener, and a dessert. It is a surprise menu, so we welcome you to adventure!

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Cake and bubbles – cake buffet at Turku Market Hall Mbakery

Reserve your spot and treat yourself to the sweetest, bubbliest, and coziest celebration in town!

Join us for a sugar-filled celebration that promises to satisfy every dessert lover’s craving! Bring your friends, family or colleagues to share the joy of MBakery Piece of Cake’s Cake Buffet – an experience that transcends the ordinary

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Everyday getaway at Kakola Spa

3 hours of total relaxation at Kakola Spa, a spa for adults.

Kakola Spa is a unique spa in the middle of the city with four different saunas, four different pools, and the most experiential snow shower.  

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Aalto in Turku private tour

Private tour to see Finland’s first modern buildings that were built in Turku by Alvar & Aino Aalto and Erik Bryggman.

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